Your income is our goal

We are the creators of the latest profit-taking system! Adesat great team will show you how to make money on other people's losses! All specialists of the Adesat are leading experts in the development of modern software. Any decision made is always unique. The company holds 5 patents in the IT area, each of them is used on the clients terminal. 

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Why people choose us?

Money Back service

If You had any bad experience with any fraud or scam. Our MBS department can help You to fix the problem.


Using our software all the clients can participate in a great investment scheme without losers!


We try to create a product, which will be easy to use for every person. That's why we have clients of all ages!


If we do something, we try to do it best! All our products and services are made by qualified specialists!


We have strong structure which includes many people resources and software. Every client is part of us!


We are official GB company, which has offices in many different countries and have multi language support!

Serviced Office Centre

25 Finsbury Circus, London EC2M 7EE, United Kingdom


Fully regulated GB company

Adesat has all required documents and licenses. Also we have operating official representatives in Germany, SAR, UAE, Austria and Russia.